HAI UPB Switches with flickering incandescents and LEDs


Just a quick update: I replaced the Leviton 35A00-1CFL switches with UPB switches from Simply Automated and the flickering has disappeared.
For reference, this is what the flickering looked like with the -CFL switches. There are seven lights (all Cree CR6 series LEDs) are on two different 35A00-1CFL's in the video: one a group of 4, the other a group of 3. The flickering occurs whenever there is UPB traffic; here, another -CFL switch is turning on a different light (not shown) by tapping the "on" button on the switch, and then after a short delay, dimming the not-shown light slightly by holding the "off" paddle for a second. As you can see, the flickering was very noticeable...