HAI Web-Link vs. Homeseer

I am currently playing around with Homeseer and the Omni plugin. I finally have it connected and it's working ok. I would like to be able to customize the front end to suit my needs. I understand that it has a Media Lobby Plugin that I want to take a look at. Charmed Quark is out of my reach financially. I wish I could preview HAI's Web Link and see if it suits my needs, but it appears you have to buy it first. I'm just looking for comments regarding these web-based frontends. Specifically, if anyone has tried both and which one they feel to be the best.
Homeseer will talk to the Omni but uses a plugin. Not sure of the extra cost for the plugin but it is much less than the HAI. It works pretty well and you would get full home automation with Homeseer and the plugin for less cost.

I have the older Omni Pro and I control the lights and HVAC through HS and the HAI plugin while I am travelling. Currently I am in Madison WI and have no problems accessing my site and lights. You can too. Just visit my site and select ROOMS. You can turn many of the lights and fans ON/OFF. But please sign the guestbook as well and let me know how you enjoyed the visit with JEANNIE.

There are about 4 diff UIs for Homeseer:

Touchpad - part of Homeseer. easy to use, integrated with HS, some call it a bit Cheesy.

Media Center UI - optional plugin for HS, limited configurability, not very extendable.

Maestro - Flash UI that looks better than the above, pretty easy to configure, limited to Homeseer, currently low to middle price but will raise in price as it gets more refined. Fairly new and immature, doesn't seem to be a very large user base today. Seems like the developer is responsive to issues. Not configurable.

MainLobby - most expensive of the above three ($159 plus MLHSPlugin for $40), highly configurable and expandable, takes a medium learning curve, best looking of probably any user interface for HA and media, mature product (in this young field), well supported. Many optional addons that add much capability, and cost. Many device drivers and when added to the Homeseer driver support, unmatched by any. The ML / HS combo is the most powerful in the HA market (IMHO :) ). There is also a brand new HAI plugin for MainLobby server that should be production this week. It has been in succesful beta for a couple of months.