HAI Wireless Driveway Sensor 63A00-1 Issues


I am in the process of installing an HAI Wireless Driveway Sensor, but am having a very strange issue.  I have the sensor placed approximately two feet from my concrete driveway and roughly 35 feet from the wireless receiver.  It is simply stuck in the ground utilizing it's provided stake.  The sensor does not sense vehicles as we drive by, no matter how slowly.  It does however occasionally trigger a Not Ready event when no vehicles are present.  I decided to write an automation block to create an entry in the Event Log lastnight to try to determine how often it was sensing Not Ready.  When i checked it this morning, I discovered a very strange pattern.  The sensor is consistantly transmitting Not Ready ever 68.7 minutes (events were consistantly either 69 minutes or 68 minutes apart with an average of 68.7 minutes).  Has anyone else seen this or does this interval mean anything to anyone?
When you first enroll the sensor it sets up as a supervised input.
I kept getting trouble calls from the alarm company at 2 am when it was dropping sync, so I changed the input type to unsupervised (since I use it for automation and signalling only).
Mine is really sensitive, no problems sensing vehicles on the driveway fast or slow.
I had to turn down the sensitivity to stop tripping on vehicles on the road a significant distance away.
Does it transmit a not ready when you bump it?
When you bump it does the buzzer on the board click?
Battery polarity correct? 
Strap on?
How many wireless zones are you using?  The receiver has to page through them all before returning, so a lot of wireless zones can set up some latencies.
       That makes perfect sense and is something that I did not check.  I will verify (and correct) that it is not set as supervised.
It does transmit not ready when I bump it and you can audibly hear a click on the board.  I do have the battery polarity correct (double checked a couple of times) and the strap on.  Currently I have 5 wireless zones including the driveway sensor.  All of this being said, I have the sensitivity set to low because I was stupidly originally assuming that when it was tripping it was picking up something (car on the road, etc.).  Now that I have stumbled on the pattern of it's trigger and your suggestion, I will verify supervision is off and increase the sensitivity to check it again.  I will let you know what I find when I get home. 
Thank you for the help!
Bad news, I verified and I do not have the sensor set as supervised (the "Type" led is blinking).  For clarity, I have the Mode led off for this sensor as well meaning that the sensor does not send a "Restore Transmission".  So unfortunately this does not explain my consistent 69 minute trigger.  I had left the event logging running all day and sure enough, approximately every 69 minutes it triggered "Not Ready". 
I have set the sensitivity to High on the driveway sensor to see if the car will now trigger the sensor.  I will test this when the wife gets home.  The sensor did register the bumps I caused while changing the sensitivity setting and rebooting it. 
Any ideas?
        No, I actually have it set up to receive 32 zones in preparation for some additional items (keyfobs, etc.).  I currently do not have anything in the second block of zones.  Could this be throwing it off?
      You may have found it.  I unenrolled the sensor, and reenrolled in a new location (I had one blank zone before it also waiting for a future sensor).  I then enrolled my keyfobs which filled the first segment of 16 zones.  I removed the second segment of zones from the wireless receiver.  It has been over an hour and a half without a trigger incident.  I will keep you posted on if this solves the problem.  Thank you for the help!
Only enable the minimum number of zones you are using.
It polls through all of them each go around.
If you enabled 64 zones and only had a handful of transmitters, it would induce a lot of latencies.
If you don't have at least one transmitter in the second block it may be confusing the controller, setting number of expansion enclosures in PCAccess, etc.

Hopefully you've fixed it.

I prefer wired sensors when I can use them, but the wireless does give you some options, key fobs, etc.
I have a 500' driveway and didn't want to run conduit that far for a cartel type sensor.
I also prefer wired sensors.  Unfortunately our driveway has a loop in between the house and where I want the sensor.  Without boring under the concrete I have now way to get wire to where I need. 
I have made it through the night with no false alarms.  These changes appear to have resolved that issue.  That being said, I have the sensitivity set to high and it is still not registering our vehicles.  I have to hit the road for the next few days, but will try fresh batteries when I return.  Outside of this, do you have any other ideas? 
Only thing I can think of, align the sensor element parallel to the driveway so vehicles pass perpendicular.

I'd stand next to the sensor with the cap off and have someone else drive by to determine if the unit clicks when a vehicle goes by.
If it does then you know the sensor is working and the RF signal may be the problem.
If it doesn't click you may have a bad board.

How far away is the sensor from the receiver?
We're do you have the receiver mounted?
Just thinking of the RF signal itself, you don't want the receiver in or around metal and you need a clear LOS between them at any real distance.

I had to move my sensor because of too much foliage blocking the signal.

Good luck