HAI 45A00-1 wireless range?

Running HS3 on a new i7, 8g, 512SSD brick with fresh install of windows 7.  also running PLEX and Windows Media Center on the same box.  I'm trying to get to LESS stuff to maintain and not have separate CPU's everywhere.
As I'm new to HS3 a review of the logs didn't show me much.  Be great to have a simple network activity 'light' that showed plug-in activity to the OPII.
Are running HS3 Standard or Pro?  Are you also running HSTouch server? 
Homeseer 3 in general is very chatty kathy and there is no throttling of the pipe.  You can turn on debug and console access for the Plugin and see all of the plugin chatter to the mothership (HS3) and the OmniPro 2 panel.
Note too that HS is a multitasking application and scripts and plugins run in their own threads these days while concurrently reporting on up the line to the base.  (IE: have a look at task manager when running Homeseer).
Not sure if Plex Server or Microsoft Media center does any network throttling.  I have used / tested Plex on a separate Ubuntu server.  I have not run Microsoft Media center in a few years now.  (started with it then switched over to XBMC a few years back).
Personally I have recommended Homeseer 3 run on it's own CPU / box / VM.  (same with Homeseer 2). 
Many Homeseer users today are doing multitasking / multisoftware on one box with Homeseer 3 or running VMs of Homeseer 3 in Windows or Linux.
Here do Kodi STB's today with mini Intel Ubuntu 64 bit boxes Gb connected to LAN by each television.  MythTV/Sqeezeserver is another box running on Ubuntu 64 bit server using HDHomerun boxes. 
HS3 Pro today is running on an iSeries PC with 16Gb of memory in Ubuntu 16.04 64bit.  Concurrently on the same box I am running Oracle VB's of W2003, W7 and W10 for Homeseer MS SAPI and other Wintel only plugins (you can remote run a plugin in Wintel and have it talk to the HS3 mothership in Ubuntu).
I have tested Homeseer 3 lite and Pro to run fine on a mini PC using an Intel Atom Baytrail with 2Gb of RAM running in Windows 10 and Ubuntu 16.04 server.  2Gb is a bit lite for HS3 Pro and fine for HS3 Lite (Zee-2).
I have also here moved my HS3 Lite from the RPi2 running Jessie to testing on the Pine64 2Gb machine running Ubuntu 16.04 64 bit and the Xi3/Xi5A running Ubuntu 64 bit server.  The Pine64 2 Gb computer runs better for me than the RPi3 with Jessie (32bit).
All written above I weigh my automation at a higher priority in the house hence a separate box.
The HS3 Pro box utilization is low.  It is also a lamp server and running PHP, Apache2 and MySQL.  I do utilize the MySQL server for Homeseer and other databases on the home network.  I DIY'd the box and it is currently utilizing a Pico PSU in a small footprint box using a dot m2 style SATA drive (thing is the size of my thumb).  Started off building two of these boxes.  Second one is running Windows 7 Pro for a Homeseer Peer today.  It has been working fine for the Homeseer user.