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The Hindustantimes.com website posted an article about the recent ABC Extreme Makeover show featuring HAL. It's a great read if you missed that episode, and the article also mentions some of the other stuff you can do with HAL.

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Each module minds one appliance and has the intelligence to send messages to the microwave oven,
I think somebody from HAL already admitted this was BS.
Tell HAL you're going to take a shower, and HAL will adjust the thermostat a few degrees, turn on the radio to your favourite station, turn off the toaster in the kitchen, draw the bathroom blinds and run warm water in the tub.
Thats dumb... I plan to take a shower and it fills the tub? lol
HAL can trigger an alarm or call 911
I don't think automated devices are ever allowed to call 911.
It will tell you who is on the phone,
Maybe I am too anal, but NOTHING can do that. The best we have is to base things on the caller ID and until everyone has an exclusive personal phone you cannot announce the CALLER.

I love sloppy journalism & advertising veiled as news. ;)
I don't think this was an ad since they didn't even mention the price or where you could buy it. As for the shower/tub & phone comment, I think that was just an honest mistake/miswording, since I am pretty sure English is not the primary language of that reporter.
They must trust hal and microsoft alot

I would never have it adjust temperature.

I could see getting scolded because someone got into your network and turned it up.
You are going to have bigger problems than that if someone manages to get into your network, and finds your home automation machine ;)
I watched the episode on TV and paid particular attention to the VR segment. It got me wondering if HAL is really as good at VR as shown on the show, or was it just a good editing job by the production crew?
It's pretty good, it all depends on the mic you use. I think they used PMZ-11s or something like that for the VR. Those were designed to be used in rooms where the speaker is not close to the mic.