HAL Releases New Digital Video Center Product


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Laurel, MD Oct. 05, 2005 – www.automatedliving.com, Home Automated Living (HAL), publisher and international leader of award winning natural speech home control software products including HAL2000, HALdeluxe, HALbasic and HALpro, unveils their latest new product HAL Digital Video Center (HALdvc) with enhanced peripheral controls, exciting new features and a powerful new video interface control.

The new DVC – Digital Video Center – is a flexible, user-friendly interface that brings all of your cameras to the tips of your fingers. View events going on at your home from anywhere, be notified when there is movement by the pool when you’re not home or look in on the nursery at night. When used with the HAL HomeNet, you can even view these images from the palm of your hand or any IE browser.

The new HALdvc captures video from many sources including, IP Cameras, USB cameras, CCTV Cameras, TV tuners and more. Add these new video functions to any of your tasks and macros or even schedule when you want to record from certain cameras. No need for a DVR, your host computer will now store all of your recorded video and camera events. HAL can even email your video snapshots for additional convenience.

Use motion sensors to have cameras start recording based on motion. If not, then HAL can detect motion using the camera itself. So when there is movement in the camera’s view you can have HAL to start recording. So now when someone comes to your front door you can have a video record of it. You could also have HAL announce when someone comes to the front door, turn the light on at the porch, etc.

HAL president Tim Shriver said, "The new Digital Video Center is a feature that we have been anxious to deliver. It is certainly an addition to our product line that was highly requested by our users and we’re now satisfied that we can deliver the DVC with exciting features that will more than please our growing customer base"

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HAL software and hardware products give users the ability to control all the systems in the home including lights, appliances, climate, home audio/video, security, and telephone from any web browser or touch screen on the home network or via the Internet from anywhere in the world. Additionally, HAL delivers a conversational, speaker-independent speech interface giving the user the option to control the home by voice using microphones or telephones from anywhere. Home Automated Living has been featured on ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition on several occasions and is the winner of numerous industry awards including the Consumer Electronics Association "Innovations Award" honoring product excellence in design and engineering. Products include HALbasic, HALdeluxe, HAL2000, HALpro, HALvoices, HAL Digital Music Center, HAL Digital Video Center and HAL Voice Portal. For more information or to purchase HAL products, visit the HAL website at www.AutomatedLiving.com.