Hauppauge MediaMVP Set Top Unit


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Just got an e-mail back from Sage this morning concerning when they would have more 1016 Wireless Extenders back in stock.

They said "mid September".


Smarty said:
Just got an e-mail back from Sage this morning concerning when they would have more 1016 Wireless Extenders back in stock.

They said "mid September".
Just a heads up ... I have not followed this very closely but I would suggest you keep an eye on the forums at Sage about the wireless MVP. It doesn't seem like the wireless MVP have been problem free, and that Sage still has bugs to work out on their package for it.

I do know that there are some network issues to consider.

Sorry I can't be more specific, but I thought I would raise the issue.



I have just taken a look at SageTv with the MVP. Here's a brief run down.

Had to purchase SageTV in order to use the MVP and also purchase the MVP Client License. No trials allowed for this, as if there were trials allowed you probably would not want to use it.

First and this does not just apply to sage, but trying to view a movie wierlessly does not seem to work very well, lots and lots of skipping/studdering. I chose to go wired.

For me it took countless hours and posts at the sage forum to get hte MVP to work with sage, when it worked fine on it's own or even with GB-PVR with out any trouble.Wit Sage it just would not connect. I endded up renaming bin files and using the Hauppauge software to get the sage bin to load. after that it worked fine.

Only a few days into testing a working system though. All of the functionality of a regular sage client is available through the MVP, including the Skinning features. The only problem is that the MVP unit is not as fast as a client PC so have patience lots of patiences. Those of you with digital cable, it responds as slowly as the sony boxes do, somtime slower, except nothing to tell you to wait so you do not know if the command was recieved or not. And it stackes the IR it receives and executes them when it can.

There basic default skin is workable as far as the menus go but it is not laid out so nice, it's not as functional as the MCE skin is. For the most part is has a very low WAF ratting, while the WAF ratting for MCE is quite high. I am a little particular though when it comes to this stuff, I was not crazy about my TiVo's either. Any way I'll report back if anthing changes. The onthing I will say is the Picture quality over the composite line is the best I've seen and the pvr functions work well it's only the navigation thats a problem. Once your watching Tv the guide works quickly and the pause FF,RW is quick as well.


UPDATE: There is an Alpha release of the MVP.bin (linux OS the the MVP uses) that Sage tech support asked me to try, and a new release og the MCE skin 6.1. This combo has noticeable improvements in spead. Two major issue still need to be resolved, when an activity is selected there is nothing on the screen indecating it is executing - while you wait and all "Imported Videos" (ripped DVD's AVI's ect) have a real bad stuttering issue code be a codec but GB-PVR does not do this at all with the same settings.