Having Wserver start a perl program


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I have a Perl program I wrote that reads the .txt data files in wservers/data folder and then makes graphs of the data.

I have an email into Arne about this. Hopefully he'll answer. :lol:

I need wserver to launch my perl program to create the graphs. Then I can have wserver FTP/upload them at the same time it uploads all it's other data.

I see this line in Arne's .ini help file document.

URL for HTTP post to a database, using something like MS IIS ASP script

Not sure how the line above works, there's no documention besides the mention in the .ini doc.
Anyone done anything with wserver like this??

Here's what one of the graphs looks like.
Temp/humidity combined from the Hobby Boards Temp/Humidity/Solor sensor.
Temp humidity graph link
No reply from Arne.
Just needed a simple yes or no.
Guess he's out of town or just blowing off his paying customers.
Hopefully it's the first one. :blink:

Anywho, I wrote a perl program that runs in the background on XP.
It reads the wserver data files and creates a new graph every 15 minutes.

wserver uploads the graph to my web site every 15 minutes.

Here's my ever evolving weather page.
See the link and check out the graph.
Pisgah Forest weather

Eric, got the Barometer and rain gauge. Thanks, nice stuff.
Suprise, I heard back from Arne. :)
Wserver can't start another program.

Would be a nice feature though!