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Dan / Electron / Dan-o -

I've seen you around many of the places I frequent - the homeseer message boards, Home Automation Forum, etc. and I found your website. Great job, it's coming along great and the forums are hopping!

I'm probably about 10 miles away from you around great Northern Mall! It's good to see the home automation bug has bitten others in Upstate NY.

My entire house is automated from head to toe using a stargate controller, and homeseer. We just completed our basement finishing project where we added a bar, game room, home theater and additional family room (see pics on my website) which of course added miles more of wire to my house for the automation piece.

I'm not sure how many others around here are from CNY, but it would be great to have a meet sometime. I'm slowly starting to document my own setup on my website.

Great site and thanks!
Hey Stinger,

Welcome to CocoonTech.com! I am located in Central Square (but work in Syracuse), Dan-O lives south of Syracuse I believe, but he doesn't post much, that's about it for people from the Syracuse area. Stick around, hopefully we can share some ideas, infect other locals with the HA bug, and setup a meeting sometime :D
electron said:
I am located in Central Square
Is that the name of a real town or just an area? Does anybody live in East Square or West Square? Is the neighboring town called Triangle? Do you have to be square to live there? You guys have funny names up there :D
I hear that it is impossible to see Electron as he has no physical form and is kept in an orb..... (with internet access)

OMG... That makes him an entity...
Electron- I always made the mistake that you and Dan-o were one in the same! Very sorry about that!

Lots of familiar faces from the homeseer board! Skibum, I've got your site in my bookmarks as well!

Wayne- Here's another for you.. I live in Clay.
lol Skibum, you don't even realize how close to the truth that is ;) But you can catch a glimpse of me in my signature, as it shows a resized webcam snapshot of my driveway, where I have been spending a lot of time lately thanks to this lovely weather.

Wayne, Central Square is actually a real village, but you are right about some of the strange names, you probably would have a field day if you looked at the NY map :D
I just checked out your Gallery, that's one heck of a theater room you have there, I will have to come over and check it out someday (and show you how all that equipment would look great in my house :D). I did get some good ideas, such as the 'pole wrap' product, I never heard of it, but it looks great!
If there is ever a meeting, I live in Eden, NY which is in WNY and I would not mind taking a short drive east.

- Mike