Hello - I joined 1/22/05 , I'm liking it here


I'm using HAL 2000, Ocelot, CCTV

I also have computerized 24,000 outdoor Christmas lights.

The great thing about computerizing your Christmas display is your only limited by your imagination, I have a dedicated web site explaining how this was done. This is not home automation but sure is alot of fun, its some kind of automation. :D

My computerized Christmas Lights
hey easytim, welcome aboard!

I am pretty sure I have seen your site before, at least your stuff is real, unlike that other guy who conned every news reporter thinking his xmas lighting was automated :D Great site btw!
Nice Site and Welcome to the board!

Are you in St. Louis?

I may have to drive over there this christmas and see your lights. I'm in Springfield.

Just need to have a map on the site. :D

By the way what is CCD?
CCD is the class the Catholic kids go to on wednesdays to learn about the bible.
CCTV stands for Closed Circuit TV which usually represents a closed camera network.

\ :D

Cool Stuff. Love the video clip.

I've stayed away from going overboard on Xmas lights in past years; however, given the opportunity to integrate home automation/light show into the mix...I think I may have some fun this year.

Thanks for passing along all the great info.
That is an amazing light display! I just spent the past hour or so watching your video's and researching all the Light-O-Rama hardware. I downloaded the demo software, and was impressed how you could play a song and click the mouse to the music, to set points in the timeline for lights to turn on and off. Very impressive.

You have a great site, but I think you also just cost me a couple hundred dollars ;) Looks like I am going to start with the 16 chanel controller, and see how it goes from there.