Hello world, hola mundo, etc


Pleasure to be here.  
Looking forward to participating and most importantly getting help.
By background, was a computer programmer in college.  Now, everything but and certainly cannot write code.  Still love tech and am a DIY-er.
Main reason for participating is to improve/better my home audio/video distribution.
My main project now is to automate our NuVo system.  When we moved into this house, it was pre-wired with a NuVo Concerto (not Grand).  It's a 6 zone/6 input system. Also have a T2 tuner. All 6 zones are used and wired by keypads in each room.  It works fine - sound is great.  Have set it up with the inputs we use the most.  Kids can use it - put it on, control the volume, change radio presets, etc.
Problem is - the techie in me wants to control the system without getting off of my couch and touching the keypad or getting up to grab the remote and find some direct line of sight route to shoot the IR remote at the keypad.  I'm trying to find out if I can control it via wifi (ipad/iphone/laptop/droid).  I want to be able to turn zones on/off from the comfort of my couch or outside (have 1 outside zone but the keypad is inside).  I've searched and found many suggestions for the Grand Concerto, but not the legacy Concerto system.  I'd prefer to not have to upgrade the system to the GC.  Not discussed at all is this app which I found (not allowed to post links...yet, but you can find this in the Apple App Store):
TheConductor by BuildThings
I found a reference to this device to use with the app:
Found a serial to IP bridge:  Global Cache, IP2SL
So...my first question for the forum is:  should this work with the Concerto?  If not, any other suggestions?  Hook up a wifi to IR converter and put it over the IR receiver on the keypad?  Problems with this (besides my wife's objections) is that I don't think it is possible to send a signal from one keypad to activate another.
Once I solve this, will move to next project:  being able to control the source input and access/control iTunes input to each zone.  I don't need to have metadata on the keypad.  Presumably will be able to access this on the tablet/phone.  Have thought about a Sonus Connect as one of the inputs.  
Have a Netgear ReadyNAS Pro6 which runs a Firefly iTunes server and I'm assuming will be accessible by the Sonos.
Thanks much!!!
Other equipment:
Roku 2xs (x2) running Plex to stream movies from the server.