Help deciding on an Infocus 4805


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I've read articles, compared models and I have come down to the projector I'm pretty sure I'm going to buy. The Infocus 4805. The only thing holding me back is the brightness, it's only 750 lumens. I know with the proper screen I can bump up the apparent brightness. The 4805 has everything I'm looking for I just wish it was 1000 lumens.
Has anyone had any experience with the projector, I would like to get this pretty soon it's just the brightness is holding me back. I would feel better if someone with hands on experience gave me their thoughts.
Any comments would be appreciated

the infocus specs site says its 1100 lumens...?

My X1 has 1100 lumens also acording to the specs of infocus and thats plenty. I would say just buy the darn thing and be happy.

Just a tip... Spend the money and get a good screen if you can. I went the paint route and if your a quality freak(which im not) then paint just wont cut it for you.

Have fun and post some pictures of your theater when you have it setup.
Use screen gain only if you have to. It tends to distort colors too. Best money is spent on regulating how much light is in your viewing area. Then, on a projector, then on a screen.
Hello all,
I really hate to ask this... I know what you own is THE one to have, but what is the best projector (bang for the buck) in the 2k and less price range. Any that I need to stay away from?? Thanks ahead.
The Infocus 4805 seems to be the 'one' in the price range. You can now buy it at Cosco for $1300. I've read many reviews and posts on various sites and they all rave about this projector. From what I read a projected image of 90 inches or less is indistinguishable from a plasma screen in a side by side comparison. (Though I doubt they had a 90 inch plasma)