Help picking cameras

WayneW said:
Welcome to CocoonTech! I assume you have a web site? Don't be afraid to put it in your profile or signature.
Thanks. Actually, I can't make any money selling on the Internet due to some of the sites listed above. I have a web site but not even a page.
BraveSirRobbin said:
HERE are the detailed specifications.

I paid $139 plus ten dollars shipping (a little more than you wanted).

I'll get it in six days so I'll post some screen shots then!
BSR, have you ever tested this in darkness? I saw it the time you were testing it, but your driveway was very illuminated.

DirectSales is still working to get caught up and sort out my order. Apparently the EX-200C WAS discontinued. They have admitted they substituted without my knowledge or permission. The guy I spoke with on the phone said they had a number of people out sick, but they never answered my emails and I am waiting a week for a call back now. So, be careful folks.
I never tested it in total darkness. I doubt it would be any good without some residual lighting (it never goes into an IR mode).

I really like it for my situation where I have a lot of lighting at night.

Bummer that company took you for a ride ;) . I would probably order from them again, but do as I did on my first order and call (ordered via phone) to make sure they had that particular product in stock. I would never order via the internet, especailly after hearing about your situation.
Well, I don't mean TOTAL darkness, just without all your optional lighting on. How does it look with just streetlight and/or moonlight? Do you keep your driveway and/or entry lights on from dusk to dawn?
It works pretty well with streetlights. The one down side is that if someone walks near to the camera and quite a way from the street light, you will only see an outline. With snow and/or full moon, you can almost make out the person. Does that answer what you're looking for?