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Sorry for the delay in answering, as I've been out of town for the past two weeks.

Elk vs HAI.
Damn, that's a tough one. HAI is an established unit with current HS plugin support. Elk is cheaper with slightly more features, but no current plugin.

My gut instinct is to go with the Elk and hope that the plugin comes through. I think the overall capabilities of the Elk are slightly better, and unlike HAI, Elk is willing to talk to people who aren't going to commit to buying 1,000,000 units. I like to deal with companies that have a good attitude toward customers. You might want to contact the on of the persons on the HS board who is writing a Elk plugin, and see what the status is.


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Thanks man, hell, I've reciently met up with a guy who is an embedded programmer. This, from what he says, is right up his alley. Although I don't know if I can talk him into it, just that fact that he is around to question if I end up learning to program just so I can hook it to Homeseer might make the Elk the way to go.....