Homeseer does it again.....

rjh said:
The only issue with the Way2Call is caller ID. Way2Call has a new device that will be out shortly that has a totally new caller ID circuit (mostly thanks to us complaining). The caller ID issue will be history then.
This is very timely news... I just tried to buy a Way2Call today but it was out of stock so I couldn't. Does this mean that when they come back in stock they will have the new Caller ID circuit? Or is this actually a new and different product that is coming out?
I, for one, am very happy with my HS purchase.
I feel like I received excellent value for my money.
2.0 went through some growing pains, but I hardly ever see any issues being posted in the HS 2.1 forums. I know that it is working reliably for me. Nothing is perfect, however.

Jim H.
Scrambled said:
I have HS running on a dedicated machine that is an AMD duel core machine, with 2 meg of ram.
2 megs of ram, well that could be the problem with HS2 .....

Sorry, I really couldn't help myself..... I miss the days when a system could run with 2 megs of memory.

My 2 cents.

I do miss the days when the HS team was very active in the forums, but I guess they have grown to the point that is not feasible anymore.

The support system in place seemed to work well with a couple of issues I had after upgrading to HS2. For the most part ( at the moment ;) ) I am happy I upgraded to HS2. Of course changes and fixes never seem to come fast enough, when you are experiencing problems.