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Am I the only one that thinks the new Homeseer message board sucks? This board as well as the old message board were light years ahead for keeping up whats happening. I guess its a good thing I don't live on their anymore.

Thanks... I just wanted someplace to vent (and scream! hahaha)

If you hang out there a little while, you'll see that plenty of people are complaining. For me, the worst part is trying to keep up with new posts. Rich and Rick know about this and we can only hope something will be done.

They were apparently not given any choice in the matter. Infopop forced them to switch and the new software definitely has bugs and features that need to be fixed.
you guys are more than welcome to move here B) I don't use the new post function as I tagged all the forums to have it email me whenever a new topic/post/reply has been posted, so I stay up to date just by checking my email.
I have been suggesting to Rich that he run his own board for almost 3 years now. I can't understand the logic of paying the fees that they do (which they say is expensive) to have a board that is so bad. There are tons of boards like this that are a snap to setup and offer a far greater range of features.
Aside from the database of old posts, which now seems to be almost irretreivable, we again have a great motivating factor to move to a Homeseer CONTROLLED board.

Of course, I don't post there anymore, so aside from trying to find the FEW valuable posts, it really makes no diff to me.
I couldn't agree more Skibum, there are plenty of people offering their help/services, this is going to hurt for sure. Heck, give the monthly fee to me, I'll host it, at least it will be done right B)
Anybody care to guess how much the Infopoop board really costs HS? I was curious how much bandwith and storage that board really takes. I continue to be surpried that HS continues to outsource such a valuable resource instead of taking control of it. for some pricing

I run Invision Board, far more superior in my opinion, I use about a gig of bandwidth a month now just for, so I will be moving it to a bigger host this week, but you can get an account for less than $20 which will handle all the traffic HS has.
I have always wondered why they do what they do at Homeseer also. I will file a complaint there but I am not sure it will help. I wonder if Rich knows how valuable the message boards are to them? I know I would not have gotten into it all as much as I did without them.

I really like the setup here. You do a good job and its easy to find your way around and read new posts.

Keep up the good work.

I really like this board also and am very proud to be part of it!

I like the fact that beginner's feel comfortable here and feel free to post ANY questions they may have.

Hopefully we will expand as we get more experienced users on board who find it enjoyable helping other people as well!
You don't think beginners feel comfortable on the HS board? There seem to have been quite a few beginner questions recently (and new posters with only a few posts so far). They seem to have been handled pretty well - at least the ones that I've paid attention to.
I Love both the HomeSeer and Cocoontech boards. Keep up the good work guys!

When is going to start selling t-shirts

I want a black t-shirt with this fourms HEADER graphics on the front and a definition of cocoon on the back. Electron that would be a good source of funding for this site.
As a beginner myself i must say that i find it a little pointless to ask a question on the homeseer board. Most of the people there will only point you to another thread and say read this.... and the thread that they post me to starts off with the same topic i wanted but goes somewhere else before it ever answers my questions.
But do you find your answer? If you are pointed to something that is not appropriate or doesn't make sense, point that out. People don't always understand what you are asking for (and they don't always point you to the right place). If they didn't care and didn't want to help you, they wouldn't reply at all - or they certainly wouldn't bother to look for a place with answers for you.
I just dont like it.... I like the software and i like the people on the board but i find the board very hard to use and almost all the questions i read are geared towards advanced users.... and when a newb like myself ask for a simple how-to i get the "RTFM" reply.... if i ask the same question here i get one on one help from some very friendly guys who understand that i am only a beginner.
I just don't see this. There aren't that many RTFM replies. There are many more comments complaining that something isn't in the manual at all.
I think is a much more organized site and provides more usefull information for those of us just getting started.
I also like this site. However, it's only been around a little while and there is not very much information available yet. There is no place to point you to for answers to your questions. Just wait a while.

There is a tremendous amount of information available on the HS site. It only makes sense to point people to pre-existing discussions if a new topic is already handled there. Duplicating information just waters it down.