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I just wanted to let everyone know that the first beta testers of RFID plug-in are now allowed to openly talk about the product. Please ask questions if you have them but keep in mind that I am still not allowed to talk about confidential information which could possibly harm iAutomated in any way. But if you have technical questions please feel free to ask.

Also now that there is an entire section dedicated to this topic on the homeseer board so you may get a better answer there than from here.
Btw... Stop over to the HS board and share your opinion about the iAutomate RFID. Peter needs to have alot of feedback so that he can make the OK plugin now into an awesome plugin. You don't need to have the hardware to give your 2 cents.
Did you guys get a break on the prices since you had to buy 3 readers? I was considering jumping in but apparently to do certain scenarios you need at least 2 readers and at $300 a pop that is simply cost prohibitive.
Rupp i did get in on the beta test so i do have three readers. To be honest I am still trying to figure out how to use even one reader. I don't have a garage nor do i have automated locks on my door so the only thing that i have found to automate so far is my porch light. If i park my car after dark it turn the porch light on so i don't trip.

You don't need three readers. One reader should be enough to do alot of things. The readers are long range and work atleast 350 feet most people are geting 450 feet out of their readers. So one single reader is enough to cover the entire house. The reason that he required 3 readers was to test the ability to have multiple readers and not have each conflict with each other.

I was thinking about using three readers to triangulate my position but with the current HS1.7 and the current plug-in it just isnt practicle to do that right now. It is possible in theory but the performance of homeseer 1.7 alone will prohibit triangulation which is why I have been trying to talk peter into implementing triangulation directly into his plugin but he seems to not want to go that route.

So if you just want to use it to Log into your PC or Monitor your car and open the garage door then one reader is plenty. Basically if you have more than one reader it will allow you to trigger events depending on which reader you are closer to. If you are using it for this purpose then I would recomend joining the group of us who have already started beta testing and we can put our minds together to figure out a good way to do triangulation. If triangulation isnt possible then you would basically need one reader for every room and in my honest opinion that totally defeats the purpose of the readers being long range.

So if you have $300 laying around go ahead and buy a reader to play with. I'm sure you could always sell it if you don't like it. I would sell you one of mine but i am determined to figure out a way to triangulate which requires all three. Perhaps you can put up a request on the board and see if someone will sell you one of theirs at a discount price.
Greetings All.

The iAutomate RFID Plug-In v1.0.0 for HomeSeer v1.7xx or later has been Offcially Released via the HS Updater.

The new optimized plug-in improves the performance of both the Plug-In and HomeSeer.

Also included via the Updater are new documents; an updated manual, an updated drawing, a separate scripting manual, and the html Help File, which is available from links within the RFID Configuration page, or directly from the C:\Program Files\HomeSeer\html\iAutomate RFID\ Directory.

Please update your plug-in to v1.0.0 at your earliest possible convenience.

Thanks to all who worked so hard at not only making this possible, but awesome in it's features, capabiliites and performance.

A minimum architecture PIII Computer with 256MB of RAM is required with WIN2000, WINNT or WINXP OS. On Board COM Port or USB 2.0 to serial adaptor preferred.

Thanks again.

Peter Monahan
Thanks for the update Peter, I look forward to implementing this someday (need to talk to Santa first ;)).
Whats a good link to read up on this RFID for Homeseer and where is the cheapest place to get a starter package?

Currently the ONLY place to get the starter package that i know of is through If you want to read up on the RFID visit the RFID HomeSeer forum and look for Peters signature. He is constantly updating it with the latest usermanual and other useful information.


The HomSeer Forum

Peters Profile with Sig

The Manual

EZ wiring Guide ;)


And if you have any more questions you can always ask them in the HomeSeer forum. He usually answers pretty fast and if not i will answer if I can