Hong Kong Electronics Show


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Greetings from the Hong Kong Electronics show. I have seen over 6300 electronic booths in the last 4 days at the two Hong Kong Electronic Shows.

Virtually no home automation devices at this show in the sense that Cocoontech describes Home Automation.

LCD Picture Frame Displays are everywhere which enables you to put a flash card in the frame and display your favorite pictures. They can not be used to control anything.

There is a few security devices, but nothing you would want in your house.

I saw two Zigbee booths and one Zwave booth. A few custom PLC lighting devices, but nothing standard to the US market.

Car stereos, home stereo speakers, and toasters abound.

If you want to see home automation, go to EHX in Long Beach, CA next month.

Is Elk hiring? I want a job like that too, where they send you to Hong Kong to go look at tech toys :D

I am surprised you didn't see much home automation related stuff, since all the cool toys (i.e. the mirror which shows your health, news, tv etc) are usually China/Japan only.