How not to wire your rack

I've seen some places that looked pretty close to some of those. Glad I didn't have to trace any of the connections though :blink:

I used to work for a business that sold into trading floors. The trading floors NEVER reused or removed old wire- they would just pull new runs anytime something changed. Its amazing how fast something like this gets created. ;-)

I wouldn't want to be that guy sticking his fingers in the water!

In the mid 90's I moved to south Florida to work for a large international firm and we had a large campus with many buildings, at least one if not more wiring closets on each floor of each building. Many of them look exactly like some of those pictures.

We had one, H2 it was called, that had so many cross-connect wires going between two sets of racks, that you walked on them - they completely covered the floor. It was almost like walking on snakes...
Installations like the ones pictured are far more common in the corporate IT world that you might imagine. I've had the "pleasure" of being responsible for correcting a number of them over the years.

These were usually inherrited with acquired companies, and yes... even have experience with the flooded and burned out data centers.

Having said that... the second from the last picture with what looks like a wall of racks covered in yellow Silly String still really scares me!

I used to do IT consulting for large company's and I have seen my share of wiring nightmares even removed a few and started over.

The worst wiring mess I had ever seen was before I started with computers, I used to do electro mechanical wiring and repair. And I once was called to a company to repair an old machine no one knew anything about. This huge machine was controlled by hundreds of relays, and the 220V electrical looked just like the 2nd pic with black wires. The worst part is people had been walking on all the wires that had been 10 inches thick above the floor routinely.

I declined the job... :D