How To: Automate ip cam viewing with tasker


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My CCTV system setup has always been very basic, just a couple of networked cameras and a video encoder for my coax cameras. I setup a viewer app on my droid (IP Cam Viewer Pro) and added the cameras to my home automation touch screens. It was fine for the time, but eventually lost my favor. The problem was that when someone was at my door I had to:
1.)    Grab my phone
2.)    Unlock it
3.)    Find the viewer app
4.)    Open it
This ended up taking too long. I am sure other users have similar issues, like running to a dedicated monitor to view, or tuning the TV to a security feed. So I started thinking, what do I really want to happen? The answer to that is:
1.)    Detect when someone is at the front door
2.)    Unlock the phone
3.)    Pull up that specific cameras feed
4.)    Upon exit relock
I was able to accomplish exactly that and it has been rock solid ever since I pieced it together 4 months ago. At a high level this is how I did it (I am sure this is possible using different systems, but this is the path I chose): I use iSpy to detect the motion and trigger a scene in Elve, that sends a message to my phone via auto remote, which the phone receives and launches a task in tasker that unlocks the phone and opens the camera feed. The biggest issue in this puzzle was figuring out how to launch the camera in IP Cam Viewer Pro from tasker, so I’ll go into that in detail. If anyone wants more detail on the other steps just ask.
Below is the setup I have in tasker to launch the specified camera. Just replace "Front Door" in the 2nd 'Extra' field with the name of your camera.
that sends a message to my phone via auto remote
I would like more info on that step first actually.  I also have IPCamViewerPro and Tasker installed on my phone and have a camera at my front door.
I have the doorbell detected via a HomeSeer device that I could send to my phone, hopefully using the method you used.  How fast does that message get sent?
How did you select which camera gets pulled up via IPCamViewerPro?
Auto remote is nearly instantaneous. My cameras turn on usually at the time the person reaches the door. I'll try to upload a video of it in action if I get some free time. To control what camera pulls up replace 'Front Door' in the example above with the name of your camera in ip cam viewer. Also you can change GALLERY_VIEW in the example above to MATRIX_VIEW to see all your cameras. Just depends on what you want.
Edit: original thread here if anyone needs extra info.
Wow thanks! You have no idea how much time I had spent in the past trying to figure out how to do this and just couldn't figure it out. I wanted to have my phone automatically pull up my front property camera feed as I come close to my home. Now I will finally be able to get it working. Thanks again.
Just using Elve to issue the http call to auto remote. Ispy detects the camera motion and then runs a bat file that is command line to execute the Elve scene.
That's what I figured... I'm trying to find a way for Elve to send a command line directly. Know of any way? I'm striking out.
Can't get IP Cam Viewer to pull up the correct camera, it just opens the last used. Is there any spaces needed in the name?? between the : and name maybe?
Also, the task never ends. I have it triggered from a message received by autoremote, it seems like Tasker still sees the message coming in maybe?? Can you post your whole Task?
Scratch that. Figured it out. Cam name had a space at the end and I wasn't adding that in. Removed it from name and it's working.
Glad you got it! On your previous post you lost me. Are you trying to execute a command line from http, or just have elve execute a bat file?
Elve open a command prompt, then execute a command.
Got it working with the desktop server app but it's so buggy as to what it can (or maybe will) type. Not very reliable at all.
Trying to incorporate Elve directly with Eventghost. Wish John made a plug in for it before abandoning it.