how to set up ubuntu 20.04 for dual NICs


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Wanting to put my cameras on a separate network and put a second NIC in the zoneminder box. Plan would be to have a wireless router on the camera network for the wireless doorbell cam (separate from the normal wifi network of course). Other cams are wired. Planned to have the router do dhcp also. Have done a bit of networking but only basic stuff so looking for some pointers or tutorial on this. Can I just rely on the router to give everything with dhcp or do I need to set some things manually on the pc? gateway? I looked for a tutorial but I didn't find ones with much detail.
Ubuntu will automagically see the two NICs.

The Zoneminder apache configuration will use whatever NIC you want.

Just configure the wireless camera IP stuff (source path) in the Zoneminder configuration to IP of the wireless camera.
How do I set up the two in the OS? Or is that somehow automagic too? I am guessing if I have two networks (one on each nic) then when I specify the ip of the camera that ip indicates which nic and it just works?
The second NIC will show up when connected with the desktop if you are using one or command line. You would specify the camera source IP (second NIC) on second subnet. It will just work then.

IE: plug second NIC in to second network and do an ifconfig via command line.