[How-To] Install and test Apache 1.3 & PHP

lol, glad to hear, now check out the 'Interfacing HS with PHP How-To' for some real fun ;)
Any chance you can update this how-to electron. I want to install php 5.02 and the latest apache 2.0.52. You did such a great job with this tutorial and made installing the two so easy that i would rather follow your instructions than follow someone elses.
lol, I honestly am not planning on upgrading to apache 2.0 as 1.3 is rock solid and has had much less problems than the current 2.x series. Maybe someday when there is a need for it, but there should be plenty of tutorials on the web, and I would think most of the guidelines still apply.
as time goes by . . . which versions of software should I use . . .

. . . are there still issues w/ apache2 and php ?

. . . is php 5.0.4 stable (I usually like to see a X.1)

what are the current recommendations for apache and php on a WinXP pro box ?


Pete C
Apache 2 should work, I still prefer the 1.3 series, just because it works and there aren't any issues really. I do run Apache 2 with PHP5 on a testbox, and it seems to be stable.

Btw, one thing you can do is use a php script on the BSD box (assuming that's your public webserver) to retrieve the data from a php script on the windows box. This way you don't have to expost the HS box to the internet. I do this exact same thing.
could you post a small code sample showing this . . .

I'm looking to access some AppDig units via HomeSeer running on the WinXP box (I always seem to end up jumping into the deep end)

thanks for the prompt replys (and I apologize for moving the posts around, just asking questions in appropriate topics already started by others . . . )

Pete C
you can use include("http://internalserver.com/homeseer.php"); to load the data (just output it in such a way so its parsable by the BSD box, i.e. using the serialize() function), and for images, I use readfile(). I can't post an example right now since the code is offline (I also use it for my signature, but I just moved servers).