[How-to] Use WebCamXP with Homeseer's Webserver

I installed the beta over a licensed version (a license I bought over a year ago) and it took the license (alhtough I lost my configuration) without any problem, so it looks like the upgrade duration issue discussed previously may now be a non-issue.
Same here. I really like this software package. Its only weakness (other than its current price) is it does not do IP cameras where other packages such as Active WebCam does (along with all the other capabilities offered by WebCamXP).

I wrote to the author asking if he could possibly give Cocooners a discount, but he had no interest. I even pointed to this thread (which has now been viewed over 2300 times) as proof this could be a good thing for his product (nothing like us giving free advertising/promotions eh?).
Scratch that above post. When I rebooted the machine I could NOT connect to my video source (tried everything)! I had to revert back to the old version (which I luckily backed up before I tried this).
Does the current version run on Win2K? Does the current version install and run trouble free meaning will I need to jump through any hoops to get the current version to run?
I don't know if the current version will run on Win2K, but honestly, I would check out Active Webcam before I purchased this software for what they are asking for it.

I purchased WebCamXP a couple of years ago when it was $30.
Sorry for the late reply Rupp, I have been getting up at 4am and getting home around 7:00pm and fell asleep when I got home this evening.

You are correct in the fact that their is a cheaper version, but it does not do motion detection/capture which I believe is an important feature.

I attached a comparison of their various products below.

That plus the fact that WebCamXP does not handle IP cameras is why I suggested ActiveWebCam.

Hopefully JRFuda will chime in as well as he is also familiar with WebCamXP's later versions.




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OK I download the trial and launched it and it doesn't see my Creative Webcam NX Pro camera. It states "no source connected" . Netmeeting sees the camera just fine. Does any one have any suggestions?

One thing I noticed is the new interface is nothing at all like what was posted in the how to. That's a shame as it was an excellent write up.
Right-click one of the small preview windows at the bottom of the screen, select "connect' from the pop-up menu. You can then choose from (among others) video for windows or directx. I've found some cameras work better with directx, and others better with video for windows... The only bad thing is that if you select more than one source as video for windows, you have to re-assign them each time you restart the software (you'll be prompted).

I currently have my USB webcams as directx and my grandtech PCI-card based cam as video for windows.

Right clicking the sources gives you other options, such as picture adjustments, compression format, and number of "pins" to use from the source (actual resolution). There really isn't much documentation or support for the program (the program's biggest weakness IMHO) - and everything I know about it was from BSR's tutorial and experimentation.

By the way, after playing with the latest beta for a while, I've noticed that it is a lower performer. The frame rate has dropped considerably from the previous beta. I think I will revert back to the last beta (which is limited to 5 cameras, but is still more advanced that the version BSR originally posted the tutorial on).
Thanks John. After looking closely at the GUI it tells you to right click and choose a source and sure enough that worked ;).

I 'm running the trial and it's all but impossible to tell what you get for $39 without actually buying it I guess.
Yea, when I was playing around with the latest version, I noticed their menus totally changed. What a drag, about three hours of work down the tubes (writing this How-to).

Anyway, be aware that WebCamXP uses a verification system that "sends" data from your machine to their servers, i.e. it "phones home".

This was also verified by electron when he played around with this software a while ago (though it might have not been this specific version).

That's what I think was going on when I couldn't connect to my source after reboot. I believe there is some sort of "break-it" established in the source code if the serial number can not be properly verified with their server.

Caveat emptor! ;)
Rupp said:
... it's all but impossible to tell what you get for $39 without actually buying it I guess.
Unfortunately, you'll need the Private ($49.95) or Pro ($99.95) versions to have a really usable package (These are the only versions that password protect the web page.
I purchased the pro version, but in retrospect I should have purchased the private version.

The only thing the pro version adds to the private version is motion detection and remote admin.

Motion detection is OK, but it's difficult o configure sometimes (my wireless cam sends a false trigger every time there's a bit of static, but it works well on the USB cams). You can also have it trigger the HS command line utility every time it detects motion so HS can react (but you can't configure this for each camera, one command for all cameras)

The remote admin is not necessary now that I can RDP my server.

It would be nice if the security version included password protection (how can you say something is for "security" when it's not password protected?)

If I were to start all over, I'd probably not have bought the software and just bought same-brand IPcameras 1 or at a time, as I could afford them and use them. It seems it would be simpler, free-up my processor for other things - and not be dependent on the server being up (if it's down for some reason).

I still think that's the direction I'm going. Wireless IP cameras can be had for <$100 and wired for <$80 if you shop around.

Maybe one of those ebay-special 4-port IP camera servers might be nice too.

My bottom line is that I would not recommend this software for purchase, but rather - my intent was to let existing owners of the software be aware of the capabilities of the latest beta.