HS LEDAM Plugin source code?


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I read that the LEDAM Plugin for HS is open source. I would like to get my hands on it so that I can get some ideas for creating a CQC Driver for my BetaBrite. If anyone here has it please PM me so that I can get it from you.

Dave what are you using the betabrite for? I am trying to imagin a HA app for it and can only come up with caller ID type of use
mustangcoupe ,
You can use it for weather forcast and alerts as well as all of your reminders and appointments.
All sorts of things. I am going to mount mine in my bedroom and in the mornings it will display weather. I will also set it up to display a love note on my anniversary. I will use it for Caller ID, E-mail Notification ect. It could be used for stock quotes or sports updates. Displaying current temperature, Time ect.

The possibilities are endless.
Have you tried mounting it behind mirror glass yet, to see if it would make it more WAF friendly?
Are you using the older BetaBrite or the newer ones? I bought a newer one and had to take it back. It was so bright I could see it a mile away. The new colors are nice but make it really hard to read up close.
I am guessing its a newer one. I think the protocol may allow for controlling the dim levels of the leds. I will have to look into that more.
EBay and Sam's club are your best bets. The newer ones at Sam's are (I believe) $199.99 as a reference price.
Since it seems that nobody has the LEDAM Source code...

Do any of you guys who own a betabrite have the original software. Mine came with a cracked disk and I did not think it would be so hard to find the progam and DL it.
Rupp said:
EBay and Sam's club are your best bets. The newer ones at Sam's are (I believe) $199.99 as a reference price.
Thanks Rupp. I usually don't maintain a Sam's membership. (Last time I got one was towards the end of 1999 when they blew out LED countdown clocks for $10). I'll sign up again though just to get some LED signs if that is the best place to go. Is there a particular model I should look for?
The 213C-1 is a good model if you can still find them. The new one at Sam's is a USB device and the LEDAM plugin for HomeSeer doesn't work with these USB signs yet. The Pro-Lite signs are good ones as well.
The USB ones don't use a USB<->serial adapter chip? Something like an FTDI chip. Most things like this just use an adapter because it's a relatively easy update to the hardware. It would still look like a serial port to software on the PC.

Of course, if other things have changed or they use a different type of interface, none of that would hold.