HS MCE plugin $59.95 wow!


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Man this seems expensive to me. For you guys that use the MCE type software is this on the high side or in the correct range? I am so glad I got HS for $39.95 years ago because It would be very very hard for me to pay todays price.
That's just for the plugin. The OS is another upgrade ontop of the pricing of XP.

Compared to the price of the hardware, the software is cheap (HTPC / projector / screen / wiring / speakers / amps / processors / room / blinds / lighting / media files / etc etc).

Probably $4k minimum to the sky's the limit ($100k+)
holy 2!#$%, there is no way in hell I will pay that kind of price. I wish they would have announced this when I first asked about this, since I was planning on starting my own MCE plugin, but didn't as HST was taking care of this. This is a little ridiculous.
Appearantly it also requires HS 1.7, so I am out anyways, there is no way I am going upgrade my machine after what happened last time with my 1.7 upgrade.

David, I understand that the plugin is cheap compared with the hardware found in most home theaters, but there are many people who use cheap components to get a taste of home theaters without having to spend thousands of dollars. I know that a lot of work went into that plugin, but they know that most of their '8000' customers are hobbyists, so it doesn't make sense to charge professional pricing.
If I do find the time to get it started again, it would be released for free, just like my other scripts/plugins/programs, I appreciate the thought tho. For the record, the guy that wrote this plugin really does know his stuff, and is a very nice guy, my issue is with HST's pricing policy, not the quality of the plugin.
MS doesn't require royalties when it comes to writing plugins for MCE, I am pretty sure it's part of HST's new pricing strategy.

I remeber the time when free scripts were posted daily. And when they just started introducing plugins. There was always a intro price even for trouble WE do beta testing the product.

I don't mind paying for someone's work but start adding all the pricing up, WOW. There is no way I could ever install this stuff with a few plugins.

Just like Mainlobby guess their leaving hobbiest in the dust and going for the big guys.

Oh well I don't plan on getting media center or the plugin