I have my holy grail of HT/A!


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I got what boys like, I got what boys want - my holy grail of integrated HA/HT!

Here's my sageTV recordings, viewable and playable directly from within a custom built CQC UI, where I have receiver/any other device control on the same page!

The watch show button immediately starts playing the show within sage, no menu browsing necessary.


Works fine with clients, both the SageTV kind and the pure TS kind. . I kicked off a show on the plasma using that on my laptop. I also tried running it directly on HTPC SageTVClient driving the plasma, works fine.

The one open issue i'm having is reliably pulling SageTV in front of the CQC UI, but that's because the driver writer *just* implemented the windowed/fullscreen command for SageTV, and it's not in the version of the code that I have yet.

Like I said, it's an alpha version, but it's already mounds better. Plus, the dude is seeing if he can grab the upcoming recording schedule. If so, i'll put the "Currently selected show" stuff into a popup, and put the upcoming schedule in it's place.
Life just gets better and better. Check the first post, now I got the upcoming recording schedule and all details.

Just in time too - I hear jonathan is hot on beelzerob's tails with the vista driver to do this (and actually more)
I have just had the most brilliant realization - this opens up that TV integration that I was contemplating several months back. for example, Of pure visibility from any of my touchpanels is only the beginning. Now that I have access to this data, there's other things I can do given that I'm using a fullblown HA engine. For example, one very real thing is that if the doorbell or telephone rings and I'm watching TV and:

1) the TV show category is *not* childrens, and
2) The callerid isn't on some form of blocking rules I come up with, and
3) Timeslot is within certain parameters THEN

pause the TV show automatically so I can deal with the interruption.

Ok, maybe those rules aren't exactly correct, but you get the point. True integration across house subsystems is not a good thing, it is the best of things.