Sooo close to integrated SageTV/TheaterTek/CD...


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I am so close to coolness that i'm drooling. Damn that I have to get up for work in 5.5 hours.

I got beelzerob's CQC-sage TCP driver working in 2.0, the theatertek TCP driver is working just fine, and I just created a button that intelligently determines whether SageTV, TT, or a CD is playing, and sends a command to the right one.

The massive difference between this and something like Girder is that I can actually bidirectionally handshake with the app and confirm that it's not only up, but it's actually playing something before I send it a command. This means going from reasonable confidence to 100% reliability. That last little bit is always the toughest, but it's what really drives the WAF and now it's done!!!

Oy, how can I be expected to focus at work tomorrow. I'll recode my USB-UIRT driver to have this logic based on pressing the pause/play/next/prev/etc buttons.

Here's the logic, it's pretty dang simple. I don't yet have a screen to show what's up/etc, bank on that happening within 24-48 hours.