Saged and confused

I ran Sage plain and ugly for a little while on Vista (the box came with Vista and a free upgrade to 7) and it did fine. I started feeling cocky and that's when it turned ugly. I'd rather run XP to be honest, but the box came with 8 GB of ram and I hate to not use half of it. I'll try on 7 for a while and if it doesn't work reliably, then I'll bite the bullet and go to good ol' XP.

I wanted to use Linux, but with Sage not offering a trial period for Linux (dumb) along with well documented toughness when combining Linux and video capture I decided to stick with the Windows platform. I know a lot more people are using it with Windows so that helps with support too, this is one thing I want to get solid and not screw with too much. When I travel for work, I don't need the wife going nuts because something isn't working... Had I been able to try the Linux version, it may have been fine, perhaps one day... Just my opinion, but they should offer a license that works interchangeably with one copy of the software for any platform.