I'm clueless (again!)


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I decided to start updating some of the controls for the xmas lighting. X10 is still the price winner, but I want something better for the displays that are more than on-at-dusk, off-at-11. So far, it looks like the Icon plugin modules are the next best alternative. Only thing I can't seem to figure out.....

What's the difference between the Icon and regular Insteon modules? What I'm I lossing with the lower priced modules?
On the product page, click on the + next to Details and Specifications to expand the page, then scroll down to see a nice chart comparing features.
If you add a PLC and my LightShowMaster software ( http://www.JLTSoft.com ), you can do some pretty creative animated light shows synchronized to music. It'll work with both Icon and Insteon modules.

See http://www.hauntsoft.com/haunt2006.wmv for an example of what is possible.

You can download my software and use it for free in demo mode (limits you to max of 2 minutes per sequence and 16 separate device channels) and see if you like it. I'll be releasing a new version with some new features later in the year, and it'll be a free update.