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Input on cameras and DVR setup


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We'll I have got most of my security roughed in. I still have some aux zones and wireless, and my panel to wire. But my wife is on me about a few cameras (she is very uncomfortable after the breakin).

I can't go too cheap, or I'll hear about it. I want to be able to view the cameras from iPads within haiku, and on a separate HDMI or monitor as we'll. I have pulled 7 camera locations (cat5e, RG6QS, 4c18 beldon). I think a mix of 480 and 720 would be ok. I don't think they all need to be 1080 or anything. I'd like them fluid, not 10fps. I think I'll start with 3-4 or so. Front door, front garage, back deck, and maybe back corner garage (to cover side door) What are your recommendations? Here is what I have...

- Haiku
- Haiku helper (waiting on Mac mini to arrive)
- Synology DS1813+ 8 bay NAS with 4x3tb in raid6, 6tb current, 18tb max if I add 4 more drives. (it can run surveillance station service app
- Mac mini (bought for helper and iTunes only, 2.6ghz quad core)
- 8U 19" rack with 1U used by 24 port gigabit switch
- 42" Leviton structured media enclosure empty as of now
- cat5e, RG6QS, 4c18 beldon to each location (marked by red dot, back deck is long enough to get anywhere in x. Deck is covered 12 above deck, 15-16 above grade. It's 17'x7' covered. May extend out in spring.
- front pots on house, side garage man door surface mount, and back deck pots will be motion activated. I have a street lamp on corner of lot 60' from house.

I have no issue running more wire, buying more drives, or more equipment.


Another issue, my front porch is also 12', so that's a pretty steep angle. I know there are peephole cameras that go to screens on the door, but is there one that is wifi I could tie into? I can not fish wire to my front door. It has a large window above, and a narrow window each side. If there was a system that I could also use for a wifi camera or two that would be great. A few temp for baby's room etc would be good. But not interested in long term for those.


Here many of the outdoor cams have other outdoor cams facing them.  For the front door cam I went to a side mounted view of the front door.  (3 cams though that face the front door today from different angles).
It is on brick in the middle of a brick wall facing the front door.  The wire run is unique going to the attic and down to the comm closet in the basement.  The deck has two cams; one faces the deck door.  I also just recently updated a camera inside of the garage.  I went to a Grandstream IP HD.  Looking to replace it with a 180 view lens.  There are some 4 cams that face the house from the outer edges of the property and are from 75-150 feet away from the house. The oldest cams are Optex combo's and the newer cams are HDIP today.
Mostly the cam thing is because the house is a sandbox of sorts and I play with the CCTV stuff.   Initially though did run RG6, siamese and two cat5e cables to every thought of camera location.  (and then some).
Upon motion all of the exterior lighting goes on.  Attached is an example from 2AM last night / this morning. (2 of three cam view).  2 of the three cams today are HD IP (Ubiquiti and Grandstream) and one is SD analog (Optex).  I like the Optex cams so much that I am retrofitting them with HDIP boards.  IE: the camera will then have IPHD, SD analog outputs.  (mostly due to the new tiny IP HD camera boards these days).  I have though too updated the analog lens / boards on the Optex cameras for better optics mostly.  Very modular built cameras.


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So I needed a new camera recently, it's a little too soon to fully recommend it but I actually really like it thus far.  It's a Hikvision DS-2CD3332.  I have a mix of cameras at my place:
  • Acti TCM-4301's
  • Acti ACM-1231 (replaced this one with the Hikvision)
  • Panasonic HCM-BB580s in domes
  • one Axis dome (can't remember which)
  • One Arecont 3mp camera
I have a 2.8mm lens on the Hikvision, and it looks great in day and night. It's POE and has been running through the northeastern cold wave for a week or so with no issues.  The max in Blue Iris is 1280x720, so it's set to that.  The camera was about $135 shipped from China.  Most of my other cameras cost quite a bit more and are definitely not as clear or have terrible night images.
Here's a UPS delivery in the evening, I have 3 recessed lights above that are on. (This is the full res video, so it's 43mb)
Here's our garbage pickup, no recessed lights but dawn has started. (7mb)
I don't have any in the dark of night with just the IR on, but the IR is pretty bright.
The biggest negative is the gimbal eye is difficult to get a perfect view with.