Insteon PowerLinc Controller Clock


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I have seen some reports that the clock in the Insteon PowerLinc Controller is not accurate and that events are often at the wrong time or get missed altogether. Can anybody confirm this? Is the PowerLinc truly unusable as a stand-alone controller?

I use it with PowerHome now but I was thinking of offloading some sunset lighting to a stand alone PowerLinc so I would still have basic functionality if I needed to down the PC for some reason. Bad idea?
I had a couple of timers running on my PLC without any issues. One was triggered by sunset and the other was timed.
Mine loose about 2 minutes a month. That is 2 different Icon 2814U's ; 2 different 2414Us and 1 2414S serial unit. All firmware 2.12. Note poking around with the SDM it looks like the RTC clock is fairly well on time; it is the PLC software clock that is drifting. My uneducated guess is the TimerCoreApp is not resyncing to the RTC.
I had one running stand alone and usually checked it once every few weeks. It lost about 20 seconds a week, not a lot but it adds up over time.

I did have an issue that when I turned on CFLs in the kitchen the timer events sometimes would not happen. I never did figure that one out. I had another computer with a PLC monitoring the powerline activity one time that happened. It just flat did not see any commands go by. The next day, without the CFLs on, all worked well. The CFLs did not seem to degrade regular powerline coms in any way, just the timer events. That was about the time my patience ended so I did not go too far into troubleshooting.

Well don't know if the software did it or I did something, but mine reset to 4 seconds slower than the watch I use to check drift today. It is checked by my desktop Atomic Clock frequently? :)