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The ZW523 Z-Wave controller was engineered for us by Boca Devices and is the easiest way for you to control HomePro RF dimmers and switches from any controller already on the market that talks X-10. It was designed as a simple plug in device to any automation controller or security panel in place of a TW523/PL513 interface.

The ZW523 is a static, secondary controller and receives X10 commands and cross references them into Z-Wave lighting commands. No additional hardware or software changes are needed to control any Z-Wave enabled device.

By supporting 64 groups with up to 232 devices in each group, create 32 scenes with 58 devices per scene and independently controlling the first 160 devices in your Z-Wave Network (by node ID) you have all the flexibility you need to create the lighting system you desire and deserve.

It is as simply matching X-10 Codes to Z-Wave

Groups, Scenes or ID’s :

Codes A1 thru D16 are Z-Wave Groups 1-64

Codes E1 thru F16 are Scenes 1-32

Codes G1 thru P16 are Nodes 1-160


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Wow... So does it only send codes? I am guessing that it can not monitor the status of a x10 device?

Edit: I am a little confused about this device. Are you converting x10 to z-wave or the other way around. So are you saying I can use an x10 motion detector to trigger my z-wave devices? Or a z-wave remote to trigger my x10 devices?
No, it was copied from a site.

But I didn't post a link as it's not available yet. And pricing isn't set.
Here's the link:

The price, as it was posted somewhere last night, was somewhere around $185. If I remember correctly.

Just to clarify things: as I understand it, what this is is a _translator_ between security panels and the such which can talk to a TW523/PL513 and Z-Wave. So if you have a device which already supports talking X10, now it can talk a limited amount of Z-Wave.

That's a pretty cool idea, because it actually improves the reliability of those systems by replacing the X10 products with Z-Wave products while opening up Z-Wave support to a whole host of products which can control X10.