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I visited Boca Devices booth and spoke with Jim Skoog, President.

They have a powerline interface called the ZW523 which replaces the conventional TW523 standard X-10 interface. It is a plug compatible interface (no programming, no hardware changes necessary). Now you will be able to control ZWave lighting by sending standard X-10 commands normally sent to a standard TW523.

These commands are one way "transmit" only (i.e. they can't poll for status)

Smartproducts will be selling these units.

They also have a ZWave to IP interface. This device can be a primary or secondary controller. It has a java applet that runs on its internal web server. You can control lights, set schedules, Email on events, etc... This is a stand alone controller (i.e. don't need a PC attached to it to run).

There are two versions of this ZWave to IP device. One doesn't have a PC "setup" user interface and is just designed to work with other software suporting it such as HomeSeer.

Another version has a stand alone software interface to support scenes and lighting control (you then download this software setup to the device). It is also upgradeable over the internet.

You can now place these devices anywhere in the home network. A business such as a hotel could place one in every room (along with their network) and can have control over all the lighting in those rooms.

Devices currently supported are lighting devices and thermostats, but they are adding devices all the time.

These units are available 2nd quarter 2005. Pricing was not disclosed.

ZW523 and ZWave to IP device:

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Computer Interface Setup for ZWave to IP Device Screen Shot:

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For further information visit Boca Devices site.
telinal said:
BraveSirRobbin said:
For further information visit Boca Devices site.
Looks like you need a userID and password to access the Bocadevices website...
Wow, I never actually went to their site (just posted the link as I'm trying to get all of these CES reviews up quickly).

Actually (in my opinion) it looks like they never actually submitted any kind of web page to their internet provider yet (i.e. that's the internet provider's default home page when you establish an account).

Just shows how new this CES stuff is I guess!