interlogix Wireless Sensor Supervision Failures


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I have 2 sites at which I have installed an interlogix 600-6520-95 wireless CO sensor that is controlled/monitored by an Elk M1G. At one location I installed the sensor with a definition of 17 = Carbon Monoxide, 0 = EOL Hardwire/Wireless and 1 = Normal Supervision. At the second site I installed then sensor according to the with a definition of 17 = Carbon Monoxide, 0 = EOL Hardwire/Wireless and 3 = Fire Supervision as specified in the L629 Rev. B 3/11/2016 Manual . Within 4 hours of installing the second location, supervision of the sensor was failing. I have no problems with the first site installation. What is the difference in the supervision settings? In order to have the unit not report to the monitoring station that supervision for the sensor at the second site had failed, I reset the monitoring to 1 = Normal Supervision. Does anyone have a better idea on how to fix the problem?
My guess is that it could be due to a difference in supervision timeout values.

Are you using a M1XRF319 receiver?

I think type 1 has a 24 hour timeout, while type 3 has a 4 hour timeout as defaults. The CO detector appears to have a 64 minute reporting interval. Check to see if the RO4 value in the wireless submenu is set too low.
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I do not have an M1XRF319 receiver. My receiver is an M1XRFEG. Where would I look using RP2 to find where to set the RO4 value?
In RP2, click on the Wireless Setup folder in the left pane, then select the Receiver tab in the right pane. You should see time values for Normal and Fire Supervision. I believe these map to RO3 and RO4 in the wireless receiver menu that you can view from a keypad. You could try changing them in RP2 and then use the keypad to verify that this is the case.

One thing I don't like about RP2 is that it doesn't make it clear how the things you change through RP2 map to options you see on the keypad menus.