Intermatic Z-Wave USB Controller -- fantabulous :)


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I have been testing the new Intermatic Z-Wave USB Controller (AKA Z-Wave USB Stick) for the past little while, and have been very, very impressed.

It works plugged into our computers. It works plugged into an unpowered hub, plugged into our computers. We can plug an external hard drive into the same unpowered hub, and the USB stick still works.

And best of all, it works and works and works. We've done tests over a period of days, consistently with a failure rate of 0% from the Intermatic USB stick.

Anyway, I know that a number of people have had troubles with their USB or RS232 controllers. If you're in the market for a new Z-Wave controller with a good warranty, you can pre-order it now for $49.95 from ;)

Okay, that last part's a blatant advertisement. But the first part is a testimonial to the quality of this unit. Intermatic has done a bang-up job, like they seem to have done with all of their Z-Wave products. I'm going to be very excited to see a ton of these units in the market in the upcoming months--along with a bunch of the new Z-Wave devices shipping from half a dozen manufacturers.

One last test to try, which is the Achiles' heel for the ACT model - Put the PC on a UPS, kill power to all the zwave modules/swithces, then send the now unpowered modules/switches some commands. Wait a little then restore power to the switches/modules and send them some more commands?

If your automation software responds gracefully to this and still controls all your zwave stuff, then you may be on to something!
mbreeden said:
I put my pre-order in, do I have to wait until Jan. to get the USB?
Yes, it is the USB stick that we're waiting on until Q1. In the meantime, you're more than welcome to use the beta SDK with your current controller.

I guarantee that the (short) wait will be worth it. I'm sure that quite a few of the orders are from people who just want to get a Z-Wave USB stick from the first or second batch.

For Zwave SDK and USB stick it was stated.

"PLEASE NOTE: Your order will ship in the 1st Quarter of 2006."

Seems like they are cutting it close. It would be nice if the vendors would at least give some kind of updates so you dont sit there wondering if it is a problem related to poor quality and the device keeps failing quality tests. Could just be a supply problem for the chips or plastics etc. Anyway who knows?
I talked to chris the other day and he said that he was getting a small shipment of the devices in very soon. He may already have them. The question he could not answer is how many a "small shipment" meant. I know he reads these boards often and I am sure he will chime in with an answer.