"Intro to HA via CQC/Elk" webinar


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For the international folks - there's a dialin #. I have access to a TeamSpeak account, so you can use a computer headset & mic to listen in. It's a bit of a kludge, as i'll use both the landline headset and the computer headset, but it's the only way to provide our international brethren with an economical means of listening to the invaluable audio commentary that i'll be providing.

So my question is this: Do each of you have access to either a computer headset or a megacheap calling plan?


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Just created a pre-registration form at https://www.gotomeeting.com/register/924713835

If you fill it out now, you'll get the login details ahead of time. I'll also update this thread with that on Friday, 3/23 in the am. I'll have to manually tell folks what the teamspeak (computer headset details) are later.


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Several folks want to learn about the Elk, not so much about CQC basics. I'll target 7:30-7:45 PST as the time where i'll delve into ElkRP and the overview therein. Fair warning: I am not the god of Elk, not even sure i've made it to lordship yet, but I can at least give you the basic overview to orient you to the program and where to do what.


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Not sure if folks caught the sale link or not, but CQC is 30% off from 4/1->4/14 for the full license. That's $625. Given that, are there folks here who'd want another webinar and cannot make the 3/23 6:30pm PST "Intro" session or 3/31 8:30am PST "Monthly User Group" webex?

I could see if I have weekend of 4/7 available for a final runthrough before the sale ends.


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just want to clarify your second to last posting? You are still covering original agenda, including intro, CQC - you're just specifying the elk time so those interestedin elk only can skip the rest?

(maybe i'm one of the few interested in CQC)



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yes, exactly.

There's been a ton of interest, already 15 folks attending to hear about the CQC stuff. However, there's also a few folks who know CQC but are just starting down the road with the Elk, and don't want to be bored with the rest.

There's also been 5 new signups today alone esp given that price reduction to $625, so i'm sure that # will grow.


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Maybe a stupid question, but since it is Bristol weekend, I will be otherwise engaged, but is it possible for a recording to be made of the webinar including slides, questions etc? Then those who are interested could maybe download it.


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I'll try again this time. These files are usually so darn big (100's of megs) and synch'ing the audio is usually such a pain that we haven't bothered, esp given that we end up doing it every 6 weeks or so.


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well, we've now got 32 people pre-registered, 8 current owners, 24 future owners! Thanks for doing that, helps me understand the audience.

If there's anyone else that wants to join, you're more than welcome - we've got room for another 60 folks. If there's anyone else that wants to join, you're more than welcome - we've got room for another 60 folks. I'm not sure if I can put the link directly into here for technical reasons I won't go into, but if you click the registration form and signup, you'll get an email with a personal link.

For the Audio Portion, either:
a) Dial this phone #: (605) 772-3322, access code 170-192-661

;) connect to our TeamSpeak server:
1) Download the windows client from here: http://www.goteamspeak.com/index.php?page=downloads&id=1a
2) After installing it, setup as follow:
Connection - Connect
Right Click - Add Server - Give it a Name ie CQC TS

Server Address: dsw.ca
Nickname: (pick a nickname for you, either realname or forum handle)
Login Name: {Leave Blank}
User Password: {Leave Blank}
Default Channel: CQC
Channel Password: 1234

NOTE: I'm currently having issues getting either of my mics to work, seems my windows mic driver on two DIFFERENT machines has suddenly stopped working. Working feverishly to fix it by 6:30pm, though, i should be able to figure something out.