IR emulating?


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Has anyone made anything that'll handle emulating something like a global cache or itach?

I'm leaning toward using something like a small Raspberry Pi (running OpenElec or similar) as a means to receive IR signals, "do something" and then retransmit other IR signals (or other actions).

The main reason for doing this would be to allow using a regular Tivo (Slide Pro) remote to toggle inputs on an AV setup. The issue being power management for all the devices involved and the input states AND audio modes of the AVR handling them. My thinking is why jump through hoops trying to wrestle with learning IR features or a universal remote when 'something else' could do the dirty work instead.

I could do this with just LIRC and an IR transceiver. But I'd also like to have better controls using something like iRule, Roomie or other programmable setups, along with device-specific interfaces like the really terrific DeRemote app for my Denon AVRs. It's the programmable tools that I'm curious about. Most already support a global cache gizmo, but those don't have any programmability, or at least not what I'm after.

Anyone heard of similar ideas or implementations?
This guy wrote a little program to provide a web interface to LIRC on a Rpi. Looks like it has an exposed API, too. Haven't tried it myself but it looks like it might be useful.