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Ok, I got the basics of IR.... 3 ranges from near-visible to thermal... the wave length affects quality and distance, blah blah...

What I want to know is why there are so few IR options out there. Why only LED? Where are the IR floodlights, and standard socketed IR lights? I don't want to pay $150 for a stupid light that may break or burn out when I should be able to get a $25 light bulb to do the same things. How about IR Rope lights or strips that could be used to line the house?

I basically would like to illuminate my property (small) with IR light, then use low light cameras... I have had a couple cameras become lame because their IR bulbs burned out... I want to seperate my lighting and cameras...

Now I found a page or two that talks about using IR film to cover floodlights, but if it is that easy, let me buy some pre-covered...

Does anyone have any good links or info to alternative IR lighting?

There are LOTS of IR options besides LED. They are all VERY expensive! Check out The UF100, UF500, UF600 & ZX700 are all examples... The replacement bulbs are INSANE. LED is the CHEAP way to go. Extreme also has LED version (high end) but if you're looking for cheap, good luck! Even the LED units are pretty pricey. You can buy the LEDs and build your own stuff but they aren't cheap either (compared to regular LED prices).
Well, I am captain cheap so I don't even wat to look at that page! (but I will).

Basically, I am looking for some near-visible IR lighting. In this case it is just filtering out most of the visible spectrum and letting the Red to Near visible infrared light pass-thru.

I don't even care about range so much.... I don't want military stuff, just to bounce a bunch of light off of stuff so B&W LL cameras can see it... Man, how can that be expensive? I know, it is the "The only people who will want IR lights are smart people with money, so lets gouge them" factor...

Make a light bulb and put some paint on it that lets the IR pass... I have seem people who painted (used film) over floodlights (light looks visibly red) and they light up whole yards with them. I was going to try their approach ($10 per sheet of IR filter paper) but figured there had to be some cheap stuff out there and CCTV places where the wrong place to look because they just want Bank...

Thanks for the link and keep your eyes open.

(BTW is available if you find something and want to go into business hehe)

why not just use visible light (regular flood lights), if the light is going to be visible (painted or 'filmed' bulb), you've lost any 'stealth' advantage already . . .

what's the advantage with IR lighting over regular ?

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Neighbors is a big one. I don't want flood lights around the house shining into all of my neighbor's houses.

I don't want filmed or painted bulbs, my point was if the films work, how hard could it be for a bulb manufacturer to just make one for a reasonable price/efficency.

After I posted this thread, I went bulb shopping and found lots of IR bulbs, but most of them are heat generators. Some looked like they may work, but there was not enough specs given to tell for sure.

I guess I was just looking for some help like "Suliva 24xx flood bulbs are $35 from this site, and they are 720nm, so they work great for cameras."