0-10V dimmable floodlight question


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I'm using several 0-10V dimmable LED floodlights at our new home (still under construction). In addition to the 120Vac wires, these lights have "0-10Vdc control wires" between the dimmer switch and the light to control the brightness. I plan on using the appropriate dimmer switches for them.

Anyone know if connecting the two control wires (or capping them separately) at the switch location and using a regular toggle switch to control 120Vac to the light will work, i.e., the switch will turn the light on/off, but it will always be at full brightness when on? Just wondering if this is an acceptable temporary solution if one of the dimmers go out.

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Just to close this out...

I asked the seller of the floodlights I'm using about this. He said the lights can be turned on/off with a regular non-dimmer switch. The lights will turn on with full brightness if the two control wires are capped (not connected) at the switch box.

I tried it with one of the lights and it worked the way he said it would.