Is there a good generic Windows watchdog app?


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Is there an program out there that I can run as a service that will check on specified processes every so often and do the following:

kill and restart the process if it hangs
restart the process if it disappears
reboot the pc if it can't do either of the above

specifically, HAL2000 has not been reliable for me lately. There was a HAL Watchdog app floating around previously, but Automated Living will no longer provide this to those that need it.

Thanks, just set up guardian angel and it works great!

Here is the configuration I used for any other HAL users:


parm = "HAL System Server.exe||30||C:\Program Files\HAL\HAL System Server.exe"

q = """"

CreateObject("Wscript.Shell").Run q & "C:\Program Files\HAL\GuardianAngel.exe" & q & " " & parm,0,0