[ISC] 2006 West Security Expo


I attended the ISC 2006 Security Expo held at the Sand's Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV on April 5. During that time I visited many booths and spoke with a variety of technical and sales people. This information was quickly taken down and will be (hopefully) correctly presented in these review postings. Please be aware that there may be inaccuracies in some details including pricing information. So please, take all this information as a "quick first look" only! ;)

GRI, Inc.

I visited the GRI Booth and spoke with Ray Richards. GRI's main product line is magnetic sensors and contacts. They sell via distributors and not directly from their web site.

I like their versatile product line of magnetic switches, some of which are shown below.

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Magnetic Switches and Contacts

One interesting product line they were showing was their "extreme" armored cable coupled with a "pull-apart" sensor.

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Extreme Armored Cable

It can handle being run over by cars, truck, M1 Tanks, etc...

One thing I did not know is that GRI offers eight different kinds of water sensors. They have various types that are stand alone or operated via 12 volts (supplied with a 12 volt lithium battery).

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GRI Water Sensor

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GRI Water Sensor

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GRI Water Sensor

Additional detail can be found HERE (scroll down to "Liquid Detection Sensors")

Another sensor shown was the "absence" of water sensor which can be submerged. When it is out of water it will close its set of contacts.

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GRI "Absence" of Water Sensor

GRI also offers panels that can accommodate different types of sensors, allow the user to enter a "set point" and trigger a specific set of contact closures when that set point is reached.

They offer digital units (set with a PC) to units set with a pot via a screwdriver.

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GRI Adjustable Sensor (Set Point) Units

I was also shown a unit that can fit inside a single gang switch box that will automatically turn a light on (tied to that switch) when a magnetic contact opens (for instance when a door opens).

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GRI Door/Light Switch Sensor

The unit is the small rectangular box inside of the simulated door framework (this was shown this way for demo purposes). You can also turn on the light via the local switch as well. (I need to look into this unit for further details to see exactly how it works).

While looking at GRI's site I also found some other interesting products (links below):