KEWL Mapping Service!!!!!!!


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I just ran across this on It is called "frapper". It allows you to put a pushpin on a Google map, and attach a note and photo.

I took the liberty of setting one up for Cocoon Tech to let everyone give it a try. The only shortcoming is that it places your pushpin based solely on your zipcode.

FOLLOW THIS LINK to place yourself on the map. It's a great way to sho other Cocooners where you are located, and get a look at your mugshot if you so decide :p
Can you customize the cocoon map so that you can zoom in and out.

Also, something like this might be cool to integrate into CT2. It would be nice to fill out a zipcode and have it put a pin on the map to show us that we are not alone in this automation world.
Ripper99 said:
Thats me way up north in Edmonton..I look like I'm situated at some outpost in the middle of nowhere. :)
That's because Edmonton *is* an outpost in the middle of nowhere! :unsure:

I've actually been to Edmonton twice (on work trips) and enjoyed it both times. On one of those trips, I actually needed to drive out to Vegreville in mid winter. Brrr!
Yeah it sorta is in the middle of nowhere and usually the temperature is -20 to -35 as well as a high wind chill on top of that, summers have the opposite temps.

About the only thing most people know about this place is West Edmonotn Mall..the biggest shopping mall in the world they say

And of course its home of the Edmonton Oilers NHL team..loudest hockey fans in the league..maybe its the Molson!

**If you ever plan on visiting Edmonton in the winter and have Mountain Climbing clothes..bring them as they are fashionable ;)
Yes, I've been to the West Edmonton Mall...and rode the Mindbender roller coaster too (man, what a ride!). And who can forget the great Oilers hockey team that won 4 Stanley cups in a row with Gretzky and the crew!