LiteJet Purchase


I've selected the LiteJet 48 for a new home I am building and am in the process of sourcing the equipment needed for rough-in (2x control panels, and one LVRB). I've looked at purchasing direct from one of the distributors. I'd also like to see what my options are with any Centralite dealers that happen to be Cocooners. My rationale for purchasing from a dealer would be aftersale support, if needed, and the preservation of my warranty eligibility. I plan on having my electrician pull all the wires and I will do the programming.

Any Centralite dealers that might have an interest in such a sale? Feel free to respond here or drop me an email through CocoonTech.

Also a quick thank you to all those that might have responded to my previous posts on lighting control. This board is a great resource and its members helped me tremendously in reaching my decision.
I manage the western region of the US for Centralite and would be happy to help you with any questions. Where are you located? We have a number of national distributors as well as local distributors. We also have technical info on our website.

Mike Reid
Hi, Mike.

Thanks for joining the thread. I'm building a new home in Port Charlotte, FL, and last week specified the LiteJet 24. My electrician started wiring the house and I indicated what to home run for the LiteJet. My builder's structured wiring guy is looking into information about the LiteJet. However, I need to get a panel for my electrician pretty soon.

What I'm having trouble finding out is the contents and part numbers for the various kits you have for the LiteJet. I spoke with Worthington Distributors but they won't send me the catalog that shows all the combinations. They'll only send it to a dealer. I want to be able to tell my dealer what I want, but it's tough to do without information.

Can you provide me with more information on the packages and other places to obtain LiteJet components? I've been all through the Centralite website but could not find this information.

If you want, you can e-mail the info at the button below.