Near-term Buying Decision


My alc switches are not 8 years old. Maybe thats why I have not had one single problem mentioned above. Never fails, never breaks. Always works. Wouldnt consider anything else for my next house than ALC. Although, Vantage is looking appealing now after reviewing it last week.
What is controlling your ALC switches? Do you find it to be fast enough for scenes involving 10 or more switches? The fact that my "Basement all-off" scene turns all of the lights off within milliseconds of each other makes me think that the ALC protocol isn't the problem. I suspect that my OmniPro (Aegis 2000 really) or its bundled ALC controller is just too slow at processing the commands.

Are you able to control a single CFL bulb with one of your ALC relays? I think they fixed this problem with their relay switches sometime around 2002. They also didn't have any of the ALC scene switches or quad aux switches back then - just dimmers, relays, and single aux switches :eek:

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rose, I use On-q HMS board, mostly 1100's. Same as HAI. Works fine, no delays. Yes, a relay works on my cfl's. IF you added quad switches or programmable switches they may not work properly with the older controllers.

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Vantage is looking appealing now after reviewing it last week.
I have played with RA, Homeworks, Q-Link (I look forward to playing with Infusion), UPB and more. Vantage is BY FAR AND AWAY my absolute favorite lighting product. Crazy beautiful and stupid fast. If I win the lotto (I've got to start buying tickets) I'll be a proud Vantage owner in a heartbeat...

Anthony, I had lost interest a while back in Vantage due to its price point. Loved it but it was just too much for my markets. However, after meeting with a rep at the builders show, from vantage, he was tryin to convince me the Vantage wireless solution is CHEAPER than alc and that Vantage has tiered products and I should look again at Vantage if I think its too expensive. Havent looked further though.

He and the on-q folks still agreed that they are putting zero effort into ALC/hms and they are still trying to figure out exactly where it fits in their biz model.

For those that may not know, Legrand owns Vantage and On-q (any many others).