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Guy Lavoie

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Would anyone have a link for a site where I could find detailed Leviton DHC information. I looked at Leviton's site and cannot even find instruction sheets for switches and transmitters like the HCM06, HCC10, etc. There are no references either to some of the older models such as the 16383, etc.

Another thing I'd like to find is a detailed table and/or explanation of the extended X10 commands used by Leviton group commands, etc.
Thanks Electron, there are many useful links to setup information for different models and switch capabilities. However I still cannot find anything about the actual X10 extended commands used by Leviton, so if you or anyone else has information on this, it would also be welcome!
What I was mostly looking for was a definitive reference as to how Leviton implemented the scene control, programming, etc using extended code. The first link Mike provided above (the "xtc797" document) appears to provide this information, about one third of the way down, where it refers to "Extended Message 1" message types, although it doesn't mention Leviton specifically. If someone knows for sure that this is how Leviton does it, then please just say so right here!

Btw Mike, yes, almost everything you sent had its original documentation, for which I am very grateful for. Only the HCC10 didn't have it. The HCM06's sheet was also missing but it is so similar to a 16383 that this didn't really matter. The links posted by Electron earlier provided me with what I needed to know. Thanks again!
Guy, I've been using that "xtx797" document for years, and every message that I have ever found coming from a Leviton switch I was able to decode with that document.

However, I have no idea what the "Leviton subset" of that document might be. Though they do use a lot from the "Extended Message 1" group, they don't use them all (AFAIK), and they also use the standard message format.

I guess that really doesn't help much . . .
rocco said:
I guess that really doesn't help much . . .
"Au contraire..." it does help! I just confirms that Leviton is using that very command set. Thanks.

un-wired, thanks for those links!
More then happy to help, these forums are a wealth of information for all of us, if I can share my little bit I am happy to.