Looking for small, small outdoor ip camera

archstenton said:
Thanks for the first hand info.  I like how you buried it in the address plate, unfortunately for me, the plate will be on the opposite side of the camera.
One thing I couldn't get a straight answer from Axis was using that circular mounting plate that the camera can lock into.  I'm trying to find out how thick the "wall" surface can be and that back side anchor plate will still work.  For me, my stone piece might be a 1/2" to 1" thick.  Plus there's also the 1/2" durock board behind the stone, although I could always have a larger hole in that which will accommodate the backer plate so it would sit flush against the back side of the stone.  The picture in the instructions looks like they were thinking drywall so not sure maybe only like a 1/2" or 5/8" range on the installation?
Thanks..  Yeah, that can't be too think and still work.  Works fine for my set-up, but the metal plate I am attaching the camera through isn't that thick.  I'd say somewhere around 1/2" would be the most you could do with that mount.
pete_c said:
Very nice Sean!
Welcome the Cocoontech forum.  I have the same/similiar address plate on the one side of my mailbox. 
I am still working on my blog here on the forum; need to take pictures of all four sides of the mailbox structure.
Are you going to add any LV wiring to the mailbox for sensor to your alarm panel?
Here playing with my mailbox door sensor to tell me when the mail comes.  Waiting on more sensors to test though.
I recently installed a vibration sensor for an automobile/motorcycle on the back piece of the mail slot / mailbox insert.
It is connected to a debounce and timing circuit which works but is a bit more sensitive that previously utilize motion sensor.
I am trying to keep from putting any sensors / wires inside of the box. 
No, not planning on doing anything with the LV wiring.  I just use BlueIris video camera software for everything.  I use the motion detection aspects of it to do things like tell me when the mail gets delivered, when someone drives down my driveway, if someone walks up to the front door, etc.  Works pretty well.
Work2Play said:
seandudley - very nice!  I may borrow that idea someday!
If your address plate isn't on the right side, one could still adapt that idea by using some sort of dark colored decorative item or decoration uniformly on each side and bury a camera on each one.  I could see some value in putting one on almost every side if you felt like recording that much data.
Thank you very much..  I live on a cul-de-sac, so I really only need a camera on one side.  :)
Very nice Sean!
I do similiar and add analog sensors to the mix for triggers and events (always playing).  Very nice brick work. 
Small unfortunate snag in my construction...
The City busted me the other day for not getting a permit for the mailbox.  WHAT?
Wife said you're a Structural Engineer, you deal with this stuff all the time.  My excuse, it wasn't Building or Planning.  It was Public Works.
Our area doesn't have sidewalks.  Inspector said there's a 2' right of way from the street, if you're in there, need to get an encroachment permit, $380 no less.
On top of that, City has a maximum height limit of 48".  Mine was 52", I was going off the USPS site that recommends like 41"-45" to the slot/door.  Part of the permit process, I need to go to the Post Office and have them approve the plan.
Luckily, stone still hasn't come so only had the cement board on, so had to cut off the top 4" or so and also reframe the door at a lower elevation.
Wow; what town are you in? 
Been there a while ago; San Diego (nope not silicon valley) ; SAIC for a bit...neato place (San Diego and SAIC); liked the little restaurant (little houses) by the water there....