Looking for Windows CE5 RDP client


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Does anyone know where I can find such beast? Some sites mention to contact the OEM, but considering it comes for free with Windows Mobile, Windows XP etc, I figured there has to be a download link somewhere. Thanks!
It looks like that one requires Active Sync. The CE device doesn't support Active Sync (Elk TS07). I also can't tell if this is the newer version (older version has resolution restrictions etc). Thanks tho, better than what I have found so far.
I don't believe that requires ActiveSync. It's the same file I used on my PDAs for years over WiFi.

There are other RDP/RDC clients in the same area of the Microsoft site that are under the "Windows Mobile" headings but are CE5, technically.

I spend a bit of time on WM boards and I have not seen anyone mention alternative RDP clients as Microsoft's continues to be no-charge and work respectably - better than VNC, IMNSHO (and I use both on occasion).

Whatchoo trying to do, BTW?
When I run that setup.exe file, it fails because it can't detect AS on my system. I want to try to run the remote desktop client on the Elk TS07 touchscreen, which is CE5 based, to see if it would be fast enough to display the full CQC viewer instead of running the DotNetViewer software.
Ah... okay, you're looking for a .CAB version, then?

For reference, you'd probably be searching for OTA (over the air) or CAB setup or install for RDC or RDP.
I don't have that... nor recall seeing it... but at least I (and maybe others) understand what you're looking for now. I wonder if just grabbing the .exe off another device (installed with ActiveSync) would work...
I tried mstsc40.exe from my X50v PDA, and while it did run, it failed right away because of missing dependencies, so if I can figure that part out, I might be golden.

Since more people have CE based devices, I am hoping someone has this client now :rolleyes: Thanks!
any update on this thread? Has anyone installed any other client on the TS07? I just got HSTouch and would like to give that a shot but I have no idea how to get at the TS07 via my network? The MSI file for the client won't install when I try to grab it using the Windows CE browser. Thanks.
I didn't make any progress. But to install/copy files, just go to \\ip.of.ts07 and you can access the filesystem that way. Use MyMobiler to remote control the unit, which will make things a lot easier. I just got NetRemote running on it, and it runs pretty well.
Were you able to get the cab files? I have so many PDA's around the office, I might be able to find something if you're still searching...
I got my hands on just the executable, but it would not work for me, kept popping up with the message explaining the syntax. So I am assuming I am missing some other files as well (I know the XP's mstsc.exe depends at least on 1 other file). I am definitely still interested in making this work.