Low cost temperature data acquisition


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Probably too many hits all at once. I received my USB device about a week after I requested it.


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I got "dissed" as well. :angry: I hope they still send me the 2 DS18S20s I asked for. I also got rejected for the two MAX235s I sample ordered (because you never know when you'll need one of those!)


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I hope this doesn't mean they are cracking down because people have abused their free sample policy.

By the way, my understanding was that hardware like the finished interfaces was never eligible for free-sample status. I'm surprised that anyone was able to get them this way. But maybe the ineligible policy was Dallas Semiconductor and it changed when they became part of Maxim.


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I got rejected today. Boy they are slow, it took a week, but I guess I shouldn't complain for free. The email was vague, so I don't know if they rejected all my requests or just certain pieces. I will see how quick they reply again.


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I still have to figure out how to hook it up, I guess the Maxim site has a manual or something?


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If you hold the DS9490R with the RJ12 facing you and the pins on the top then pin 1 is on the right. Pin 3 is DQ (data) and pin 4 is ground.

Also the technical specs are here

Let me know if you have any other questions.