m-Audio Delta 410?


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Hi Guys --

I've seen several references to the M-Audio Delta 410 card selling around $80 on newegg. However, from reading the M-Audio documentation, it seems that the $80 cards don't have drivers that support controlling each pair of speakers independently from winamp. The only card that indicates otherwise costs around $300.

Can someone point me to which $80 card they use?

I'm not familiar with winamp, but zoomplayer can work with the m-audio drivers to send output to a given pair.

here's the config dialog from within ZP:


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I to use JRMC with the Delta 410 card. I don't know why anyone would want to use anything else. Its a great database as well as a player that supports almost any format. Its not pricey at all.. and is the best solution for true multizone support.

Okay, okay... I get it!! :p
Winamp == BAD
JRMC == GOOD (and not expensive)

Okay, so it sounds like the 7.1 cards that newegg sells in the ~$80 range are definitely not what I want; I need a 410 or 1010 or whatever I can reasonably get my hands on via Ebay.

Anyone have a difference source to get these for < $200?

I got mine on ebay. I believe it was around $80 shipped. I have yet to put it into play yet.
I second everything John says. I tried to make Winamp work in multi-zone... PITA. JRMC is easy, and reliable!

I bought my card off ebay (couple years ago). Had to buy a cable extension for it, but that was reasonable direct from MAudio.
The Delta 1010 WILL work with Winamp. You have to have different directories for each instance of Winamp you intend to run. For instance I installed Winamp to directories like so:

C:\Winamp Zones\Livingroom
C:\Winamp Zones\Kitchen
C:\Winamp Zones\Bedroom
C:\Winamp Zones\Study

Select the pair of outputs in each instance and check the "Allow multiple instances" setting.

JRMC is easy, it's all in one place, and a bit better at syncing, but don't count on it. That's why I went with a hardware matrix switch.
Yep. I haven't had much trouble with winamp either- still in test bench mode though. I'm using Housebot and a new media plugin.
Markd --

Did you buy your cards "as-is" from that ebay seller? The seller lists the parts in "unknown condition" (eg: not warranted to be working). Just trying to figure out if that's par-for-the-course, or whether this card may truly be defective.

Thanks guys. I decided to pass on this and wait out a good deal on either a 410 or a 1010.

One question: have you tried to do a whole-hosue paging or whole-house intercom system with these cards? They have built-in microphone preamps, and I guess I'm wondering out-loud what the options are.