M1 and RCS Keypads


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Are there any plans for Elk to add support for RCS keypads to the M!? The RCS keypads are RS485 devices so the M1 already has the hardware required to work with them and I think they would address a need for some kind of interface that falls between a security keypad and a full touchscreen.

A touchscreen interface is nice but it is overkill in locations where you just want a few buttons to reset the mail alert trigger or close the garage door. Or sometimes you just need a few LEDs to act as an annunciator to remind you the basement lights are on or the sprinklers are running or whatever. You can use security keypads for these functions in a utility room or mud room but putting that kind of device in a Living Room or Media Room just looks nasty!

At $83 for the 7 button LED keypad and $188 for the 8 button LCD unit that supports 96 menu pages, these devices are more practical in a lot of situations than a full touchscreen while having much better aesthetics than a security keypad.

Any chance they will be supported by the M1?